No cameras…No make-up…No finely polished PR talking points.  Just you and your authentic voice, telling the story of your brand.  Your employees feel it, too. They become part of your conversation. Whether they’re sitting in a corner office or riding the bus to their entry-level position in another part of the country, they stop feeling like your workforce and start feeling like your tribe.  Your internal e-newsletter and scripted videos aren’t cutting it any more. Your team is dispersed and looking for on-demand communications.  You need a flexible, modern vehicle for spreading your mission, vision and values.

We Thrive On Creating Communication Solutions That Rapidly Builds Trust & Authentic Engagement

Created by world-renowned podcast host Richard Rierson…

Verum Communications delivers your message via a customized branded mobile app to every employee…at every level…wherever they are.

Now you can dramatically engage & impact your organization with your own professionally produced & uniquely branded audio show.. authentically connecting with your team in previously untapped locations – at home, in the gym, or during a daily commute.

Professionally Produced Content

At the heart of the internal podcast are authentic conversations with your organizations key leaders, employees, & customers.

Authentic & Engaging Conversations

Richard has interviewed Fortune 500 CEOs and the some of the world’s best thought leaders for his top ranked show Dose of Leadership and he will use his keen conversational skills to draw out your authentic message to your team.

Customized For Your Brand

The mobile app bears your company’s brand and can feature up to 50 customized audio episodes per year.

Impactful Communication in Real Time

Use this internal podcast app to authentically share your vision, recognize employees at every level, make real-time announcements, support training efforts & brand standards, and even use in a crisis situation. 

Drastically Improve Engagement

A positive communication disruptor that will authentically and rapidly engage all of your key stakeholders.

Economical and Efficient

For less than the cost of a communications or administrative staff assistant, Verum Communications enables you to engage employees in a measurably better way; driving engagement & trust.

Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

broughtonHotels “The InnSider”

broughtonHOTELS has some pretty radical ideas for a hotel management company. Ideas like personally interacting with investors and owners regularly, being authentic in their daily practices and reporting, and finding creative new solutions to old problems.

Personal. Authentic. Creative. You won’t find that everywhere, but it’s kind of broughtonHOTELS thing.

This is why Broughton was the perfect fit to be the inaugural client for Verum Communication’s internal podcast offering.

Launched in March 2016, broughtonHOTELS “The InnSider” is an internal show for all of Broughton’s team members and key stakeholders…allowing Broughton’s team to stay informed, in-touch, & inspired with everything associated with the broughtonHOTELS brand.

Each episode delivers authentic conversations & informative content from their leaders, team members, clients & guests…..allowing broughtonHotels to remain deeply engaged and effectively connected….pushing them to be one of the most entrusted, talented, & professional hotel brands around.

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Broughton’s InnSider for iPhone
“We’re so excited to be partnering with Verum Communications for our new internal podcast “The InnSider” for Broughton Hotels. Richard’s passion for helping us communicate in a rapid, economical, and transparent way has allowed us to engage with my team-members in a way that was previously impossible. Verum Communications takes care of everything and has made the process so seamless for my team.”
Larry Broughton, Broughton Hotels International
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Which factors do business leaders view as most critical to success? People-oriented “soft” factors dominate this list. The top three success factors identified in a Harvard Business Review study were achieving a high level of customer service, effective communications, and achieving a high level of employee engagement. This places employee engagement as a top-three business priority.

Customer Service 80%
Effective Communications 73%
Employee Engagement 71%

Which factors are most critical to improving employee engagement?


Retention and engagement are key drivers towards your company’s success. It’s important to find creative and authentic ways to reward and recognize your highest performers and celebrate success. An internal podcast is the perfect medium for you to authentically foster a culture of healthy competition and high performance across the entire organization.


You can never over-communicate the purpose and vision of your organization. One of the biggest drivers of organizational engagement is senior leadership’s intentional and continuous updates on strategy and intent. An internal podcast allows your organization to hear directly from you on exactly where the “ship is heading” and why.


An internal podcast allows you to uniquely communicate standards, company initiatives, Human Resource policies, and corporate brand standards. Your organization can now economically and efficiently produce training courses, leadership tips, and best practices. You can even use the internal podcast to allow a medium for employee commentary and questions.

Verum Communications internal audio shows can address and augment every single one of these factors in a unique and impactful way – dramatically affecting your employee engagement drivers.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Drive Engagement!

Through Innovative & Positive Disruptive Communication

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